Herpes Dating Website Now Open For New Members

Chicago, Illinois –

US based herpes dating website Meetpositives.com is pleased to announce that its membership is currently open for new registrations. It welcomes all those who wish to pursue a romantic relationship after being diagnosed with a chronic STI. Notably, the platform is open to people seeking a less judgemental community to participate in as well.

“You may have just come back from the doctor with life-altering news,” says Meetpositives.com. “According to your test results, you are positive for herpes. Or maybe it’s hepatitis B or HIV. While there are medications and treatments that can help you lead a relatively normal life, this news can be a resounding blow to your sense of self, particularly if you are interested in dating in the future.”

The main issue, the platform notes, is that a partner would have to be informed of the positive individual’s status at some point in a relationship. While it is inadvisable for a person to open conversations with this incredibly personal bit of information, it inevitably must be shared, especially if the relationship is on the verge of approaching a more intimate, physical stage. In the best case scenario, a partner can have a reasonable discussion regarding the positive’s individual’s status and how it may affect their relationship. They may then decide they are comfortable with the risks (and are confident in their mutual ability to minimize said risks) and then decide to continue with the relationship.

Unfortunately, this conversation could also take a turn for the worse. As many in the community are aware, an STI comes with a potent stigma, and relatively few are willing to be in a relationship with a positive individual. As a result, what may have otherwise been a productive conversation can become what is commonly known as ‘The Talk.’ The Talk may not end poorly in every situation, but it is often defined by its ability to be deeply uncomfortable for all involved. Further, a partner may leave the conversation no longer willing to continue the relationship. In many cases, therefore, The Talk can herald the end of a relationship.

This is why the team behind Meetpositives.com is so keen to help members make use of the platform. As a dating website for people with herpes and other chronic STIs, Meetpositives.com gives everyone caught in this situation a chance at finding love again. The team considers herpes, for instance, “a physical nuisance but an emotional nightmare,” and this is partly due to how much of an impact it can have on all a person’s relationships, romantic or otherwise. It is common to be judged, unfairly, for the apparent crime of being infected with herpes, and this judgment can be all the stronger in the dating world. However, this is how Meetpositives.com changes everything.

Those who sign up do so by including a list of details. As with any dating platform, this includes their displayed name, age and so on, but the platform goes a step further, it gives members an opportunity to list their positive status. Everyone on Meetpositives.com is positive, and every member can therefore refine their search for a partner based on this identifier.

“On Meetpositives.com, everyone starts off on an equal footing once more,” the platform explains. “Here, your positive status, and the status of anyone you match with, is openly shared, and this essentially means it will no longer hover over your head. There is no need to have The Talk when both of you start your relationship knowing this intimate detail, especially since it matters a lot less now. We tend to find that this encourages acceptance and fosters stronger support networks, particularly given the fact that members are willing to develop friendships as well as relationships. Join Meetpositives.com today if you would like to participate in a vibrant and welcoming community. Here, everyone is positive.”

Anyone can sign up on Meetpositives.com. The platform encourages members to discuss their positive status as well as the way it affects their lives. See more here: Meet Positives Herpes Dating.

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