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A Tech Award For Condoms That Change Color When In Contact With STDs

STD detecting condoms

Condoms that detect STDs and change color according to STD present

There is a belief that teenagers are constantly thinking about sex. Well, this might be true but the biggest concern is whether they think about the safety measures involved in sexual activities.

There are three British teenagers who have proved that some teens actually think about safe sex. These three teens have an idea of a condom that will detect STDs among sexual partners and change color to show which STD is involved.

According to the proposed idea, the condoms should have antibodies that interacting with the STD antigens. This will lead to a color change that depends on the STD type. For instance the condoms can change to green when in contact with Chlamydia, or change to yellow in the presence of herpes, blue for syphilis or purple for HPV. Colors will of course come later after the condoms work.

STD detecting condoms

STD detecting condoms

The idea won the three teens a top award in the UK’s TeenTech Awards. They are reportedly in talks with some condom companies possibly to discuss the possibility of production.

Like any other ideas, this one is not short of drawbacks. At this stage, it is still not clear whether the detection will be in one partner or in the user too. There are also concerns about the presence of more than one STDs. What color would the condom change to if it detects 2 or three STDs? This is in addition to the difficulties that might involve a method of color determination and the opportunity to act on the findings.

We know that teenagers will think about sex and there is no question about that. However, it is good news to know that some of them are actually thinking about safe sex and how they can protect themselves using modern tech.

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