New Cases of Hepatitis A Reported In Palm Beach

Officials from the Florida Department of Health have reported that there have been more confirmed cases of Hepatitis A in Palm Beach County. The health officials have said that the cases have increased to 22 from the 21 cases reported on Tuesday June 4th. The hepatitis A outbreak was declared back in April and the numbers stand as follows:

Indian River County has 1 case

Okleechobee County has 4 cases

St. Lucie County has 17 cases

Martin County has 22 cases

Hepatitis A Outbreak Palm Beach

Officials have reported an increase in Hepatitis A cases in Palm Beach

Here are phone numbers of health departments in the affected areas:

  • Palm Beach County: 561-840-4500
  • Indian River County: 772-794-7400
  • Okleechobee County: 863-462-5800
  • Lucie County: 772-462-3800
  • Martin County: 772-221-4000
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